e the scrutiny with fortitude.With his▓ official book at hand the Fr▓ench laborer has little dread of the officers ▓of the law.After each term at his trade he may,● if he sees fit to travel a bit, gi?/P>

  • 駐e variations o

    f the old “loo▓king-for-work” story, though as● the

    date of his last employm

    20 SEPTEMBER 2014
  • ent grows mo

    re an▓d more remote, the gendarmerie becomes an increa?/p>

    駍ing obstacle.

    24 OCTOMER 2014
  • Without som

    ▓e such document no one may tramp the highwa●ys of Fra

    nce.He who t

    15 JANUARY 2013
  • ravels o●n

    foot for other reason than poverty, or who, ●being poor

    , will not make

    24 OCTOMER 2014
  • his way by beg

    ging,● is an enigmatical 28being to any race but t●he


    15 JANUARY 2013


of travel is proof absolute that he is a● misérable sans-sous to who▓m every law against vagrancy must b▓e strictly applied. The officer ●ended the examination of the books a●nd handed them back with a gruff bien. “Mai●ntenant, les vtres,” he growled. ▓ “Here it is,” I answered, ignori▓ng the plurality of the French pron▓oun, and I drew from my pocket a general let▓ter of introduction to our consular ser●vice, signed by the Secretary of State.The ▓gendarme, who had expected an●other book, opened the paper with a perp●lexed air which increased to blank amazeme●nt w

hen, instead of familiar French wor●ds, his eyes fell on a half-dozen ●lines of incomprehensible hierogl▓yphics. “Hein! Que diable!” ●he gasped.“Qu’est-ce que ●c’est que a” “My passport,” I





ed▓.“Je suis a




  • page for e▓ach
  • of his three yea

▓“Ha! Américain! Diable! And that is● really a passport Never before have ▓I seen o


  • decorated with?/li>
  • ?official stamp

It was not really▓ a passport by any means.I had n●one.But monsieur le gendarme was ?/p>

駃n no p

  • of apprenticesh
  • ip, variously en

osition to dispute my word had I told● him it was a patent of nobili●ty. “Very goo

d,” he

  • ge for ▓every f
  • irm that had emp

went● on, “but you must have another▓ paper.Foreign vagabonds cannot journey in▓ Fra

nce with

  • ages, testimonia
  • ls, and ▓reason

out a document to prove that they▓ have worked.” Here was a poser.It woul●d have b

een easy


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